5 Techniques on Healing Hands

Healing HandsHealing Hands is one of the oldest practices performed in the world. Being one of the oldest, the practices and techniques are usually non-invasive for it only uses the hand to bring relief to mind, body and spirit. Relief is not the only benefits that this form of therapy can bring. As an old practice, healing hands is also referred as an energy therapy and it involves the use of gentle-hand techniques.

This energy therapy is thought to be beneficial in helping re-pattern the energy field of a patient and accelerate the healing of the mind, body and spirit. Its main goal as an energy therapy is to use energetic interaction occurring between the patient and practitioner in restoring harmony to the energy system of the patient.
To achieve that, certain techniques must be used to bring the desired results. The healing therapy basically involves the usage of a range of techniques. All these techniques are categorized from Levels 1 to 4 with each level designed for a specific purpose. Below is a list of some of the healing hands scrub touch techniques you can benefit from on a daily basis:

Therapeutic Touch
The goal in this technique is to help the recipient in tapping into their healing process. It is also aimed at restoring the well being at different levels, from the physical level to the spiritual level. This healing power technique is not aim to cure disease. Instead, it is aimed at stimulating the natural healing process of the body. Through the help of the technique, the recipient can benefit from feeling and experiencing deep relaxation, reduced anxiety and pain, and quicker wound healing process. Although it is safe for all ages, pregnant women and those with mental illness needs to take precaution in receiving this.

Mind Clearing
It is a technique used to promote relaxation and energy flow. The main goal of the procedure is to help in clearing the mind for the patient to benefit from experiencing a state of peacefulness. The technique is ideal to be performed anytime in order to assist with emotional and mental stress. As a healing touch technique, mind clearing involves working with the ability of the mind and body to heal within in order to achieve improved sleep, decreased anxiety and promote relaxation.

Pain Drain
The technique is useful for painful and acute areas because once performed, it helps in eliminating pain as well as congestion occurring in the energy field. It entails the usage of the left hand to receive energy and the right hand to release or send energetic material. With the help of the pain drain technique, the recipient will be able to achieve deep relaxation and experience relief from discomfort. The good thing about the technique is that relaxation and relief can be achieved within a few minutes. This technique involves the usage of a pain scale in assessing the patient’s pain level both before and after the therapy.

Chakra Balancing
It is a balancing technique that aids in the movement of the energy from chakra to chakra in the entire body. After performing the treatment, the patient can experience an enhanced flow of energy in their body. It is an important technique for it is what helps in keeping the physical body alive, functioning well and healthy, which is called homeostasis. Chakras that are out of balance have an impact on a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

An individual with a balanced and healthy chakra system benefits from a lot of things, including:
 Having a healthy body that can support your spiritual journey or fulfillment of your life purpose
 Being able to keep in touch with one’s emotions and not feel overwhelmed by them
 Feeling comfortable with one’s sexuality
 Feeling self-confident and is able to manifest one’s desires without being domineering to others
 Becomes compassionate and loving and establish healthy relationships
 Having that sense of connection with the divine

Chakra Spread
It is a healing hands technique that is designed to help in opening the chakras so that it could start enabling deep healing. The treatment itself is helpful in making patients express their suppressed or repressed emotions. That way, blocks present in the entire chakra system can be deeply cleared away. As a healing touch technique, Chakra Spread is beneficial in several cases, like in pre and post operation, serious stress reactions, people who are terminally ill and in transition cases like losing a loved one.

Regardless of the technique used, the practice of healing hands can reduce pain and anxiety, enhance recovery after a surgery and improve mobility following a surgery. These techniques can also bring relief to stress, depression and tension, provide support during a radiation therapy or radiation, strengthen the immune system and deepen one’s spiritual connection.